Month: February 2022

WebEx by Cisco

What is WebEx?

Webex Teams is a cloud-based team collaboration application that features video meetings, messaging, file sharing and white boarding.

WebEx allows you to create video conferences with up to 1000 participants. This kind of meetings can be joined from many different way: desktop, web and mobile apps

It also offers the option of scheduling, recording the meetings, and support

There are differents products you can use:          

  • Free pack:
    • Only one Host
    • Duration of the meeting: 50 minutes
    • 100 participants
  • Starters:
    • 12,85 Euros
    • 1-50 hosts
    • Duration of the meeting: 24 hours
    • 150 participants
    • Cloud space to record meetings: 5GB
  • Professional
    • 25,65 Euros
    • 1-100 hosts
    • Duration of the meeting: 24 hours
    • 200 partipants
    • Cloud space to record meetings: 10 GB
  • Companies:
    • This option is personalized for each company

If you want more information about you can ask their web

Why so many importants companies chose WebEx?

A big number of companies in EU and USA had chosen WebEx and this is because the tool manages to strengthen data security with end-to-end encryption, compliance controls and difficult/strong passwords by default. Also, it has a easy use, it´s very intuitive, this is due to the help of the artificial intelligence.

Another advantage is that WebEx offers us the “People Insghts” which allows us to see the professional profile of the other partipants in the meeting. Finally, the last advantage is that it offers an analytics dashboard, but it is not to easy

In case you want to use this tool and you do not know how to do it, here you have a video explanation

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Google Meet

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