Microsoft Teams

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Microsoft Teams (MS Teams) is a online program for your PC, MAC or mobile device which allows you to assemble a team, use chats as internal communication instead of email, securely edit files, view likes @mentions and many more.

MS Teams is a widely used tool for business purposes with more than 100.000. daily users. It belongs to Microsoft and is part of Microsoft 365 environment. Prestigious companies like Porsche, Air France or Beiersdorf and many more companies are using MS Teams as a communication tool.

One of the main advantages of MS Teams is that it creates a digital workspace in which several people can collaborate digitally and decentrally. Through shared file storage in the cloud and asynchronous chat functions, collaboration is simple and efficient. This means that team members have more flexibility when and from where they want to work (e.g. in the home office, on business trips, in the field, etc.).

In addition, due to the SharePoint technology in the background, documents and files can be edited simultaneously by several people in Microsoft Teams (e.g. Excel files, Forms surveys, PowerPoint presentations, etc.).

MS Teams interface – The MS Teams interface is very well designed and user-friendly. It is structured similarly to other Microsoft programs like LinkedIn for example.